Gillian Hipp

Somatic Coach and Movement Therapist

Helping you Move into Balance

Hi! I’m Gillian. Lovely to meet you! How are you?

I know you don’t like to admit it, but my guess is:

You are feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

You are feeling drained physically and mentally.

Don’t worry I’m here to help.

My Story

I know how hard it can be to switch off. I was once where you are!

For a long time I was stuck in a life that was exhausting. 

As a Dance and Performing Arts lecturer in a Further and Higher Education College I regularly worked 14 hours a day to ensure that all my work was ‘perfect’ (newsflash: it never was!). My mind was always switched on and although I wanted to enjoy my work I often felt too drained, tired and upset with the pressure I was putting on myself and my body

Then, in 2004, a whiplash injury made it impossible for me to work. I should have been able to shut off my thoughts, but instead my non-stop churning mind was hindering my recovery.  Something HAD to change in order for my body to heal.

It wasn’t until I started to learn to listen to my body that anything changed. By allowing my body to express itself and be heard I regained a mind-body balance that was sustainable to fully enjoy work and life.

It became my mission to enjoy every minute of life and ensure that it is filled with creativity and purpose. In the process I have had to overcome, tweak and let go of many unhelpful mind-set patterns and dance and movement analysis has played a big part in getting there.

My Values & Beliefs


I believe that how we move has a direct impact on how we feel, Motion = Emotion. In fact the Latin word for motion and emotion is exactly the same ‘motus’.

With this in mind – if we change the way we move we can change the way we feel.


I believe that our bodies are resourceful and hold knowledge beyond our imagination.

By moving our body in a way that is led by the body (rather than our mind) we express that untapped wisdom and it becomes accessible.

In our society we are so ‘mind-driven’ that our bodies are often forgotten and we have forgotten how to listen and hear what our bodies have to say – until we are in physical pain (which is our body screaming at us!).


I believe that every individual has their own unique movement preferences that develop throughout our lives.

Sometimes these preferences can keep us stuck in how we think, relate and experience things.

By identifying what your movement preferences are (through movement analysis) and exploring why these are your preferences we can find ways of being that can help you shift and change feelings and  thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

My Approach

I am a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist and my movement practice has steadily developed  over the past 20 years through teaching Dance and Movement at Further and Higher Education level to hundreds of aspiring performing artists.

My current PhD research, which is looking at movement for well-being in the sedentary workplace, has accelerated the development my ‘Move into Balance’ programme.

I am a pragmatist, which means I don’t believe there is one ‘right’ way of doing things. Instead I weave together my diverse range of practices and powerful modalities tailoring the different elements to provide you with a non-judgmental space and support to move out of your headspace, and find the clarity, focus and energy needed to take action to enjoy your work and life.

Before embarking on the ‘Move into Balance’ program with Gillian I was struggling with my fractured and uncomfortable relationship to my creative practice. 

I now, on completion of the program, feel much freer. Using movement, metaphor and ritual has helped me to move towards a new way of being with my art practice. There is more space in my heart and in my process for just doing….making work without the constant need to question its validity. 

Through the program and with Gillian’s support I have created some simple structures around using my studio, times to spend there and tasks to perform which have taken away some of the pressure I previously put myself under. I feel warmer and kinder to myself, more connected to my child self and more playful. I have come to realise how important physical movement is for my well-being and my creativity. 

Whilst on the program the opportunity arose to apply for Arts funding. In the past I would have put off applying for not feeling sure of myself or my ideas. However, having worked in such a positive way through the program, I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I applied, which has given me a surge of power! Thank you so much Gillian, for holding the creative space for me and for your deep listening and reflecting. Your creative tasks energised me and offered me a fresh perspective on myself. Our sessions together have enabled me to generate creative momentum and the confidence to be true to myself.

Tessa W.


Wondering what it is like to work with me? 

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