Toolbox to Move into Balance

Practical application of Movement-based research findings
Finding Flow

Finding Flow

Have you ever been in the situation where you have lost yourself in the moment during an activity? Have you been involved in an activity where your abilities are so well matched to what you are doing that you just feel like your buzzing with energy? And an...

Procrastination or taking your time?

Do you struggle with procrastination? Do you worry about getting things right or wrong? In my experience of working with clients I see this worry as a main cause of procrastination. The worry of making the wrong decision stops you from taking any kind of action at...

Breathwork and meditation trigger my anxiety, what now?

In my experience, whilst meditating and breath work can be a relaxing thing to do for some; it can be deeply unsettling and anxiety inducing to others. It can quite frankly open a whole can of worms. If this resonates please know you are not alone! Our breath is...