Move into Balance

1:1 Movement Analysis and Somatic Coaching

Wake up with focus, energy and joy to create your best work – consistently

Helping You Achieve Joyful Productivity

Do any of these symptoms of (creative) fatigue ring true for you?

Exhaustion (this comes in 3 fun flavours)

  • Stress-induced exhaustion from overwhelm, deadlines, and other people’s expectations (which leads to procrastination & anxiety)
  • Spread-too-thin exhaustion, from expecting too much of yourself in too many areas, from lack of boundaries (saying yes, more than you say “no”)
  • Overwork totally drained exhaustion from chronically overestimating your capabilities (and feeling like you should be able to do more!)

Fuzzy-headedness/lack of focus/ lack of clarity

Fear of failure, aka. “I know whatever work I do today will be rubbish"

Inspiration lags – feeling like you can’t do your best work “right now”

Negative self-talk

The block of starting - feeling paralyzed by the blank page

Hard Truth time

All of those reasons — they come from you. You are blocking yourself from doing your best work.

  • You’re blocking yourself with poor time-management (which is itself a symptom of stress). 
  • You’re blocking yourself with negative self-talk and mindset challenges.
  • You’re blocking yourself by prioritizing less important things above your work.
  • And you’re beating yourself up for not being able to do an INHUMAN amount of work!

The world needs your best (creative) work

You know this. 

You know that you can contribute ideas, beauty, stories, experiences and breakthroughs that nobody else can.

And you’ve tried a lot of things to overcome your blocks. Maybe you’ve tried:

  • Essential oil blends with titles like “Awake” and “Inspire.” 
  • Inspiring self-development books for creatives. 
  • Going to bed earlier (only to have your mind spin until 3am), drugging yourself with pills and sleepy-time tea (only to feel hungover the next day), or caffeinating yourself into a jittery, anxious, still-exhausted mess.
  • Yoga and meditation to try and calm your mind and reduce anxiety (but you missed class, or felt too exhausted to attend, or the results just didn’t go far enough).
  • Therapy or coaching (but just talking about what’s going on keeps you in that brain space, and the churning continues). I practice meditation and yoga too, and therapy has many benefits, but what they don’t do is give you a space to calm your mind AND express yourself.

What you need is an entirely different approach

We need to shift the focus from what’s going on in your mind to your body.

Yep – this isn’t about “mindset” or counselling, or “coaching” in the traditional sense. Because we can actually bypass those issues by treating them from the opposite angle.

We’re going to get you the energy, clarity and confidence you need by listening to your body FIRST.

Hello, I'm Gillian and I help creatives, like you to naturally remove the blocks that are keeping your from creating your best work through movement analysis, exploration and reflection.

So you can....


  • Stop your mind from racing and calm your scattered thoughts to find that focus.
  • Actually create more time (yes, you can do this), and eliminate overwhelm.
  • Shut off the negative self-talk and worries that bog down your creative flow.
  • Physically generate all the energy you need to make your creative work happen.
  • Enjoy the process of creating again.

Your body has lots to say

(but you need to learn to listen).

We start by learning to listen to your body. You’ve been telling your body to shut up and get in line for years (Stop being in pain back! Don’t get tired now eyes! Why are you twitching? Stop it!). But your body has so much to tell you, and when you stop trying to ignore it, and start giving it your full attention, you’ll gain new insights and awareness that will enable you to be more resourceful in your daily life.

I created ‘Move into Balance’ to help creatives like you (and me) to have a successful and enjoyable career and life with your body and mind in balance.

Who am I? I’m a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist, mother of three girls, a PhD researcher, and a Performing Arts lecturer and Coach. I totally understand the difficulty of the mind not wanting to shut down and throwing up blocks to creativity – I have been there many times myself.

Through my work I have collaborated with, taught and coached hundreds of creative people to help them focus and create the work that really matters to them and I totally get the creative process and how important it is to you.

 Move into Balance is a

6-week to 5month, 1:1, online coaching programme

designed to give you more energy, and deeper insight into how to stop blocking yourself from your full creative potential.

Together we will....

  • Explore how to use your body to calm your mind.
  • Guide you through movement meditations, and ask questions to lead you to your own clarity.
  • Uncover thought and movement patterns that are holding you back and keeping you tired, overwhelmed, and out of your creative flow.
  • Identify resources that are already within you that will enable you to balance and focus yourself.
grounding ritual

The Results

Less Mind Chatter 

(Quiet and calm, especially at bedtime)

More Energy 

(When you need it)

Greater Ease Getting Into Your Flow State 

(Inspiration’s calling!)

Greater Clarity 

(In work and life)

Move into Balance is for you, if:

  • You want to learn strategies to give your mind a break in your day-to-day life so you can focus.
  • You’d like to try reconnecting with your body in an  explorative, playful way that is unlike a set yoga routine. 
  • You want a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about how you feel & what you’re struggling with. 
  • You’re ready to explore the insights your body holds into how you can feel your best and do your best work.
  • You’re interested in embarking on a journey into personal development that has the potential to impact all aspects of your life.

This programme is NOT for you, if: 

  • You want a set yoga routine.
  • You want to learn dance technique.
  • You just want to dance and not do the introspective and transformative work 

When you give your body space to speak – your mind goes quiet!

By listening to your body you can find solutions. By having an awareness and strong connection between your mind and your body you will find that you become more resourceful to deal with whatever life or work throws at you.

You are able to direct your attention and focus easily, which will enable you to be more productive. Furthermore because you are connected you become very aware of what really matters to your inner-self and core and you have clarity in your expression through your creative practice of choice.

You will find strategies that work for you to calm your mind and thought processes, so that you can switch off at the end of the working day and enjoy your life outside of work.

You will feel energised to enjoy your work and your life, at last.

Before working with Gillian I was struggling with feeling grounded and found myself constantly in freeze mode.

Things have changed as a direct result of our sessions – I am so much more grounded and aware of not letting my emotions take over or ignoring them. I am able to deal with life in a clearer and more mature way. I feel a lot more in tune with the world and myself. 

My creativity is through the roof! I now have this huge ability to switch off and take quality useful time for myself. My energy levels are high and I am a lot happier as well 🙂

The sessions flow and are beautiful and so insightful. I have learnt so much. Gillian holds space for awareness and growth which is beautiful. I don’t want the sessions to stop!

Mel T.


What's included in Move into Balance

  •  ps  FIVE one-on-one Coaching sessions, 60 minutes each, over the course of 6 weeks – 5 months (depending on your needs and circumstances)
  • Four embodied meditations and MANY self-awareness exercises
  • A custom movement meditation especially for you
  • A detailed pre-programme intake form and pre-programme tasks, so you’re ready to make progress in Session 1.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions to get your questions answered, make tweaks to improve faster, and troubleshoot issues as they arise. 
  • Custom action & accountability plan to define your next actions as you progress towards completing your goal(s).  

Your investment:  £350 to enrol now (payment in instalments available)

Session 1: Grounding

Learn to quickly calm your mind and connect with your body – a lasting strategy that you will be able to integrate into your daily life and use at any point throughout the day to quiet the chatter and find focus and clarity.

Session 2: Finding Flow

Learn how to stay energised throughout your day by incorporating personalised rituals to keep you in your optimum work and creativity flow.

Session 3: Transformation

Become aware of patterns that you want to transform. 

Learn techniques to let go of old patterns and replace them with new ones, so you can  create your best work without holding yourself back.

Experimentation and Integration week

Time to integrate and experiment with your new patterns and navigate hurdles that spring up with guidance.

Session 4: Balance

Grow in confidence to hear what your body is saying. 

Body and mind in balance.

Dream and expand from your core.

Session 5: Your Action Plan for consistent creativity and joyful productivity

This session sets you up with an action plan to take your next steps with clarity, focus and energy. Because dreams+action = creativity.

As our work together winds down, you will emerge with…

practical tools and rituals to help maintain the new found patterns

a new found creative energy and  joy to approach your creative work
a new appreciation for the little things in life

a clear plan for the future to keep you focused on what matters to you

confidence to take the next steps on your journey, to be consistently creative and joyfully productive


Join the 6-week

Move into Balance

1:1 online coaching programme

Calm your mind, find consistent creativity and joyful productivity

Before my time with Gillian  I was feeling overwhelmed by work in particular. I had lost perspective of work and my own priorities. I was overworked, exhausted and chronically stressed. 

Through the ‘Move into Balance’ programme I have managed to create boundaries for myself. I now feel more in control of work demands and am managing my workload and deadlines realistically. I have learned to set priorities and to get out of my headspace and connect to my body, which has made me feel much more centred, balanced and in the flow during a usual workday. 

I am now actively integrating techniques to get me into the right mindset at the start of the day. 

And I have more kindness towards myself.

Thank you, Gillian, you have helped me look at old habits with perspective, and introduced new techniques that help me get out of my head and work with my body to find the right flow and working style for me. 

Lizzie D.

Senior Foresight Consultant, London

Before working with Gillian I often struggled with overwhelm, exhaustion, creative burnout and I needed help to find my work-life-creativity-self-care balance.

Through the ‘Move into Balance’ programme I’ve come to understand how I work and what my ‘happy pace’ is. I have integrated several aspects that directly emerged from our work together.

I’ve integrated many ideas found in session, into my working processes which has given me a much steadier flow of energy, and I’m not exhausted after. It’s a much more sustainable way to work and it feels so much better. 

I have made changes to my business practical operations,as a result of the programme  and I’ve become much more productive and so much less stressed and exhausted.

Lauren V.

Writer, California