Move into Balance (together)

An opportunity to deep dive into your being

Helping you make time and space for YOU and find self-trust, motivation, focus and energy to be your most joyful creative and productive self

Treat yourself to some time to fully connect and engage with yourself in a structured, supportive and non-judgmental manner, so that you can find new motivation, focus, energy and creativity in your everyday life.

Move into balance

Let’s be honest. Life gets busy and getting the balance right between doing and resting, focusing on others and ourselves is no easy task.

Time feels like a scarce resource and with everything there is to do it is easy to put ourselves and our well-being at the bottom of the to-do-list.

And yet, you know what you need – just a little more balance. Your body is calling out for some attention, either through those niggles and pains, or general lack of energy, motivation or creativity.

But making time for yourself and sticking to it is easier said than done.

I am Gillian, Somatic Coach and Dance Movement Therapist. I know what being off balance feels like. I have been there (and occasionally still am…with three children, work and researching for a PhD there is lots to juggle). 

Yet, I have found that by having a regular, held, non-judgmental space where you can just be, whilst also being playful and curious you get to discover you.

Having space to experiment and reflect upon your thoughts, feelings and movement patterns allows you to gently change or break patterns that no longer serve you and that are zapping of trust in yourself, motivation, energy and focus. You emerge from the space being kinder to yourself and finding yourself in the ‘flow state’ more frequently. It is quite a wonderful state to be and operate in.


What does the Move into Balance (together) entail?

Move into Balance (together) is designed for you to have a space and time to deeply connect to yourself in a light-hearted, embodied manner. You get to explore your patterns and your connection to the elements through movement (no need to think!). 

You get to be playful with space, time, flow and weight, the archetypes, your inner child and more and experiment what new patterns would feel like to you.

By embodying the elements, archetypes, and movement theories, as well as going on journeys deep into your body and exploring your physicality, you can unearth any patterns that are stuck in your body that influence your mindset and hold you back in everyday life and drain you of motivation, focus and energy.

Each session entails an opening topic followed by a unique movement meditation. You uncover any patterns and blocks that are keeping you off balance and with your reflections, group discussions and tasks set to explore in between sessions, you discover ways to gently move into balance.

But there is more. As a mover of Move into Balance (Together) you will also have access to:

  •  Links to Movement Meditations used in the sessions (perfect if you would like to revisit a movement meditation from a session, or if you can’t make a session) for the duration of the course
  • Links to Playlists

You will also have access to me on a 1:1 basis (either for regular sessions or one-off) at a much reduced price.

Courses that we will cover over the year (may) include:

Course 1 - Creating space

During this course you get to playfully explore the elements.

It is all about creating space for yourself, getting out of your head and into your body. Learning to listen to it without judgment. You will also find that you trust your body and yourself more.

Course 2 - Finding Energy and Flow

In this course we delve deep into your body, (its structure and its functions) and recognise what each part of your body is saying to you. With this you recognise where any tension and blocks are held, allowing you to release and make gentle cahnges.

Course 3 - The Archetypes

In this course you will meet and explore the 12 main Jungian Archetypes. You will learn about each of the Archetypes patterns and how these are reflected in your life. Each Archetype will have wisdom to share with you that you can use to find new focus, motivation and creativity. Gentle change will take place, as you experiment with the Archetypes.

Course 4 - Moving with the efforts

In this course you will explore and identify your movement preferences. You will become aware of the movements that make you feel one way or another.

You will learn the movement theory that will enable you to identify the movement patterns not just in yourself but in those around you too. You will find your optimum way of working, being creative and being in balance – in a joyful manner.


It has been wonderful to be observed as there are movement patterns that I haven’t noticed in myself. It has been helpful to have them highlighted. The sessions are beautifully and simply held. It has been very enriching!


Thank you Gillian for the warmth and safety of the sessions. The way you lead the sessions is sensitive, thoughtful and open. The sessions open up imagination into my body. Finding the language of my body is an ongoing joy and a precious tool for the rest of my life.

Tessa W.


I feel very grateful to Gillian. The experience left me feeling happier, joyful, more free and positive. Thank you

D. P.

Move into Balance (together) and find your self-trust, motivation, focus and energy to be the most joyful creative and productive self you can be

What is included?

  • Three 1- hour sessions on zoom per month (9 sessions in total per course)
  • Access to movement meditation recordings
  • Access to tailored playlists
  • Priority booking to other Move into Balance workshops
  • Discounted 1:1 sessions


Fees: £120 per 3-month course