Welcome to 'Move out of your head'

Get ready to move out of your head every Wednesday at 12.30pm BST join the

15 minute movement meditation online:

A couple of pointers to ensure you can fully enjoy your session:

1. Ensure you have space around your computer to move in.

2. Ensure you have Bluetooth headphones, or speakers so you can hear instructions. Headphones with a cable will be difficult to use.

3. You might choose to take your shoes of and move barefoot.

4. Wearing loose clothing is encouraged to allow your body to move and stretch as far as it wishes to without restrictions, but is not essential.

5. Turn the mic off during meeting.

6. Keeping your video on is encouraged (if possible) – there is a special dynamic and energy that is created by moving together and seeing that movement in others.

7. Instructions given are guidelines only – the aim of the 15 minutes is to allow yourself to really listen to your body and move in a way your body wants to. It might want to stretch, be still, fast – all is allowed.

8. At the end of the session Gillian will open the space to briefly share any shifts you have experienced, either verbally or in the chat – this is an important part of the process, as it allows you to cognitively recognise the shift that has taken place.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by emailing: gillian@move-into-balance.com

I look forward to moving with you.

Want to move some more and give your body some more attention?

Then how about joining a 1-hour online Ground Yourself Workshop.