Searching for joyful

creativity and productivity?

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Element Course

Times are tupsey turvey right now and it is no surpise that you are feeling:





You yearn for a moment in the day (or at night!)to just:

 switch off,

connect with your (inner) self.

You want to feel energized and focused, so that you can be joyfully productive in your life and work.

You have probably tried yoga and meditation, but somehow it just doesn’t always quite allow you to fully connect with yourself, or switch off.

Yoga positions can be tricky or feel too rigid and frustrate you.

Having to sit still again to do Meditation (after already sitting at your desk all day), whilst your head just keeps rattling on also doesn’t quite work for you.

It’s so difficult – we are constantly told what should work and what we should do to feel calm and healthy, but it just doesn’t work for you – it’s frustrating! 

And you are not alone in your frustrations – it actually takes quite a bit of time to learn how to meditate and to perform yoga movements and of course that isn’t always available.

You just want something right now to stop the endless thinking.

That is why I created the Element course

The Element course is a 4-week online experience, which consists of four weekly, 1-hour, group movement meditation sessions, each session focusing on a different Element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). It is designed to give you the opportunity to fully connect with your body in a way that feels good to you. 

There are NO ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to perform a movement or pose…in fact there are no poses, if you don’t want there to be.

There is no special technique to learn.

During a session we give your body space to speak (aka move), whilst your mind calms down and quietly listens.

I am Gillian and I will be guiding you through your ‘Element’ movement meditation.


With over 20 years experience being a movement practitioner, researcher and qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist I have developed the Element course to quickly get your focus to switch from everything that is going on in your busy mind to your body and start listening to what it has to say, whilst appreciating the rhythms and attributes of the four elements.


“I love the movement meditations – the whole thing. It feels so good to give my body permission to explore all the ways it can move.”

Lauren W.


“I like Gillian’s relaxed approach, seeing and hearing the other participants and the music. The experience left me feeling happier, joyful, more free and positive. Thank you”

Debbie P.


“Thank you. Your energy and manner creates a lovely atmosphere in the virtual space between the whole group. This allows for freedom of expression and participation. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.”

Hannah B.


Element Course

4- week, 1hour

online, group sessions

4.00pm GMT

£35 for the program

What’s does a ‘Element’ session look like?

Every session explores a different element (earth, water, fire and air), which we contemplate together at the start.

Then, a unique guided movement meditation, supported by music, takes you on a journey to connect with your body, imagination and further explore the theme and element of the session.

A creative reflective task and a sharing of insights at the end of the movement meditation, enables you to draw new awareness’s directly from your body.

By the end of the session you will feel energized from within and part of a mini-community, who you experienced a unique moment with in movement.