In these times of uncertainty, chaos and feeling overwhelmed find your way back to yourself – 

Move (yourself) into Balance

and unlock your energy, focus and flow.

Whit the turbulences of the world all around being off-balance can quickly lead to a feeling of overwhelm.

The secret to finding balance, quietening your mind chatter, dealing with the overwhelm and having a sense of control may be more easily achieved than you think.


I am, Gillian Hipp, a PhD researcher, Somatic Coach and Dance Movement Therapist. I believe that how we move directly influences how we feel and think.  This means that if you keep using the same movement patterns in your everyday life then you will keep on feeling the same thing. No matter what. 


The good news is, this also means that by changing your movements you can actually transform the overwhelm you feel into something else – energy, clarity, joy…


With this concept in mind, Move into Balance ™ was created to help you discover new movement patterns to ground you and encourage energized focus, flow and balance into your life.

What Is Move (yourself) into Balance?

The Move into Balance™ framework is offered in 1:1 and Group format (online and in person) and has helped many connect and listen to their bodies, adopt new patterns and find new and consistent energy. I am so excited to share the Move into Balance™  with you as a self-study program, allowing you to engage with the program when it best suits you.

Move (yourself) into Balance is a 5-module self-study course that will help you develop your self-awareness. You will become aware of your body and learn to listen to the insights it has. By engaging with playful experimentation and setting yourself tasks between modules you will soon feel grounded and your body and mind learn to work together – in balance.

Each module has a different  area of focus (see below). And each module has its own movement meditations. The movement meditations help you to connect with yourself and explore what your body has to say, whilst your mind gets to take a break.

Exercises, reflective questions and playful experimentation enable you to enhance your self-awareness and consider suitable action steps to integrate into your day-to-day life for lasting change and balance.

Move (yourself) into Balance is for you if:

  • you are interested in self-development
  • you want to learn to connect, listen and reflect upon the wisdom of your body through movement
  • you enjoy moving and dancing

Move (yourself) into Balance is NOT for you, if:

  • you prefer to discover with others. If this is you then the Group or 1:1 offer may appeal to you. Click here for more information.

  What is included:

  • Pre-course Journal to download
  • Five Modules (see description below)
  • Five Guided Movement Meditations
  • Five Journals to download, one for each Module, with thought provoking prompts to raise your awareness and encourage reflection
  • Guidance to set yourself tasks and take action in between each module 
  • Access to the Move into Balance course platform for course materials

Your investment: 

$50 (one off payment)

Time commitment:

Each module takes around 1hour – 90 minutes to complete. 

All modules will be accessible to you immediately on sign-up and for the duration of 12-months.


Module 1 - Ground Yourself

Learn to quickly calm your mind and connect with your body – a lasting strategy that you will be able to integrate into your daily life and use at any point throughout the day to quiet the chatter in your mind and find focus and clarity.

Module 2 - Finding Flow

Learn how to stay energised throughout your day by incorporating personalised rituals to keep you in your optimum work and creative flow.

Module 3 - Transform

Become aware of patterns that you want to transform. 

Learn techniques to let go of old patterns and replace them with new ones, so you can create without holding yourself back.

Module 4 - Move into Balance

Discover your balance and learn how you can maintain it, no matter what.

Module 5 - Expand

Develop an action plan that will give you a roadmap to staying grounded, balanced and in a place of flow so that you can navigate any situation.

Move (yourself) into Balance

Have immediate access to the programme resources, including movement meditations and journals and move yourself into balance.