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I am Gillian and I help people with busy brains, who feel chained to their desks, to release tension in their bodies, calm their minds and unlock their energy, focus and concentration, so they can be joyfully creative and productive.

We spend so much time in our minds, but our bodies hold knowledge and wisdom that can remove blocks and barriers to our highest creative selves.
That’s what we do here — access creativity, energy and ease by using our bodies. Through guided “movement meditations” we access insights our bodies hold and use movement analysis to reflect on how we live and work.
It’s really fun, and the results are surprising.

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If you’ve been feeling creatively blocked, feel overwhelmed, struggle to focus, or keep hitting a tired slump in the middle of your work day, Move into Balance can help you find your rhythm again. No dance experience needed.

Movement Meditation

Can’t make time for a 60-minute workshop?
Try this Free 5 minute video to rebalance your energy levels when you need a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Coaching and Movement Therapy Services

Loved the free experience and want to explore more of your body’s wisdom?


A toolbox of strategies designed to support you to connect with the wisdom of your body.

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