Hi, I’m Gillian, and I help creative individuals like you to naturally remove the blocks that keep you from doing your best work through movement exploration and reflection.

Move into Balance (together) course

This 12-week online group course is designed for you to deeply connect to yourself in a light-hearted, embodied manner. You get to explore your patterns and your connection to the elements through movement (no need to think!).

You get to be playful with space, time, flow and weight and experiment what new patterns would feel like to you.

By embodying the elements and exploring your physicality you can unearth any patterns that are stuck in your body that influence your mindset and hold you back in everyday life 

Move into Balance - 1:1 Program

Working together to access your body’s wisdom and improve your creative energy flow.

In 5 focused sessions over six weeks, that combine movement meditations with movement analysis, we will uncover the root causes of blocked energy and find ways to reclaim it. 

Try a “Ground Yourself Workshop” (Free)

This workshop brings you back into your body so you can reconnect with the energy, joy, and the wisdom your body holds! Many participants say they feel moved, calm, relaxed, energised and focused by the end of the session. You might even find a creative solution to a problem you’ve been working on, during the workshop.

This session will help you to: 

take a step away from any busy mind chatter (without meditating)

connect with your body⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

discover what you can do in order to ground yourself when things get busy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“I never thought I’d be doing interpretive dance or meditation, but this is kind of like both, combined with a creative therapy session. It’s utterly amazing.” – Lauren V., Writer

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Movement Meditation

Free 5 minute video to rebalance your energy levels throughout the day.

Let's Connect

Hop on a 30 minute call with me to discuss how Move into Balance could help transform your current situation. 


A toolbox of strategies designed to support you to connect with the wisdom of your body. 

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I have experienced a deep shift in my life due to your sessions. I access and synchronise with my body and this has impacted on my art practice and the joy I feel in my daily life.” Tessa W., Artist

 I really enjoyed the workshop, I started it feeling tired and scattered and left it feeling more balanced, grounded and energised!” Caroline L., Business Coach 

I felt energised and freed. This session allowed me to connect to my body through your guided movement suggestions. This together with the music enabled me to untangle myself emotionally from these residues and to reset myself energetically. ” T.W., Artist

Welcome to Move into Balance

I’m Gillian Hipp and I work with creatives like you to find clarity, focus and energy to produce your best work, without feeling drained. We spend so much time in our minds, but our bodies hold knowledge and wisdom that can remove blocks and barriers to our highest creative selves. That’s what we do here. We tune into the wisdom of our bodies through movement. It’s really fun, and the results are surprising.

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