How we move = how we think and feel

Stretch your mind, move your body, explore your space, break out of your box — and unlock your creative flow

Many of us have (at least aspects) of our jobs that require us to stay in front of our computers for hours every day. Whether we sit or have a standing desk, we are motionless but for the tapping of our fingers on our keyboards. 

Back pain, arthritis, weak cores, sluggish bloodflow, fatigue, overwhelm, burnout — that’s what the typical workday gets us. 

We are so very out of balance.

I created Move into Balance to bring our bodies and minds back into alignment so we feel better – physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically and creatively. Because the more we stretch and move our bodies, the more we expand how we think, how we solve problems, and what we perceive as possible for us. 

Move your body, shift your mindset. It’s all connected. 

By helping you discover your movement patterns we can gently tweak them to move you into balance, so that you can unlock the energy, focus and creativity that you hold within, so that you can be joyfully creative and productive – adding your drop to the world.

Ground yourself Workshop

This one-hour free group workshop is for anyone who wants to step away from their busy-mind-chatter, without meditation.

The workshop will bring you back into your body, so you can reconnect with the energy, joy and wisdom your body holds!

Move into Balance (through the seasons)

This is for you, if you have lots going on, but you know (or have a suspicion) that giving yourself some time and space to connect to your body and the natural world will help you regain motivation, creative flow, self-confidence and a sense of well-being and freedom.

 You have the choice of joining one day for one particular season, or join each season day. The season days take place in January, April, July and October). 

Each Season Day will give you the opportunity to  connect joyfully and playfully with yourself, the season and the natural world and allow you to express your thoughts and share your insights in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental  group of creative and like-minded women.

Each Season Day will relax and energize you (yes, both at the same time!), stir your imagination and new found patterns will bring gentle change and positivity to your everyday life.

Price for a season day (10am – 4pm):


1:1 Move into Balance programme

Over six weeks (to five months, depending on your circumstances) we will work on a 1:1 basis to tackle your sense of overwhelm and exhaustion and move you from feeling disoriented and disconnected from your creative self to feeling connected, resourceful, balanced and supported within yourself to a path of joyful creativity.


Price: £350

(Split payment options available)


1:1 Move Forward with Joy

This is a fully customized programme developed specifically for you on completion of the 1:1 Move into Balance programme.

Designed to maintain your momentum and offer ongoing exploration and accountability for your continued movement journey towards joyful creativity and productivity.


Price: Prices start at £75 per 60-minute session


How It Works

Step 1: Join a Ground Yourself workshop

This is an ideal opportunity to practically experience not only a movement meditation, but also to get to know me.

I love these workshops – they are joyful. Every session new individuals join from across the globe to together move, reflect and share.

I hope to welcome you to the next workshop.


Step 2: Choose how to keep moving

If you really enjoyed the Ground Yourself workshop and would like to move some more then you have four choices:

1. Join a Move into Balance Through the Seasons day


2. Have a chat with Gillian to see whether the transformative 1:1 Move into Balance programme would be for you


3. Do both simultaneously


Step 3: Reach Your Goals

On completion of the Move into Balance 1:1 programme you may want to continue to work with me.

In this case we would together decide on the most appropriate path forward and on the elements that make up your own personlized  ‘Move forward with Joy’ programme.

Still Have Questions?

Please do get in touch