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1:1 and group offerings

Ground yourself Workshop

This one hour workshop brings you back into your body so you can reconnect with the energy, joy, and the wisdom your body holds!

You will walk away from the workshop with a new strategy that can help you Ground yourself when things get busy.

Element course

This online group course gives you the benefits of meditation with all the joy of movement and dance. The course will move you to the rhythms of the various elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air), raise your creative energy, help you find some insights, and allow your body to express itself.

Group sessions are every Wednesday at 4:00pm GMT.

1:1 Move into Balance programme

Working together to access your body’s wisdom and improve your creative energy flow.

In 5 focused sessions over six weeks, that combine movement meditations with detailed movement analysis and reflection, we will uncover the root causes of blocked energy and find ways to reclaim it. 


1:1 Move Forward with Joy

 This is a fully customized programme developed specifically for you on completion of the 1:1 Move into Balance programme.

Designed to maintain your momentum and offer ongoing accountability for your movement journey. 


How It Works

Step 1: Join a Free Ground Yourself workshop

This is an ideal opportunity to practically experience not only a movement meditation, but also to get to know me.

I love these workshops – they are joyful. Every session new individuals join from across the globe to together move, reflect and share.

I hope to welcome you to the next workshop.


Step 2: Choose how to keep moving

If you really enjoyed the Ground Yourself workshop and would like to move some more then you have a choice:

1. Join the ‘Element’ course for weekly sessions


2. Have a chat with Gillian to see whether the transformative 1:1 Move into Balance programme would be for you


3. Do both (either simultaneously or one after the other)

Step 3: Reach Your Goals

On completion of the six week 1:1 Move into Balance programme you may want to continue to work with me.

In this case we would together decide on the most appropriate path forward and together decide on the elements that make up the  ‘Move forward with Joy’ programme.

Still Have Questions?

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