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Frequently Asked

I have never danced before, can I join in?

Yes, yes, absolutely yes. The session do not require any previous dance technique or experience.

I am terrible at memorizing routines - can I join in?

Yes. You will be pleased to know that there are NO set routines to learn.

The primary ofcus of all movement meditations, workshops and 1-2-1 work that you do with me is to allow your body to be expressive and move as it feels it wants to.

You will be encouraged to switch off that little voice in your head that pops up and says ‘Am I doing this ‘right’?. In our sessions there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.


What is a movement meditation like?

Movement meditations (usually) have music playing, which is accompanied by the guiding suggestions by Gillian.

Each session has a movement journey or theme that Gillian guides you through. Her guidance is based on her movement observation, research and experience of over 20 years working as a dance and movement practitioner, as well as her intuitive fine-tuning of the journey during the session.

You will be taken through various contrasting movement qualities through the session. It is your choice which guidance you follow and how you follow this – therefore everybody has a unique experience of the journey.

What space or equipment do I need to participate?

You do not need much space for the sessions, but a clear floor space is essential to avoid triping.

Sessions take place on zoom and so a mobile or computer device will be needed that is connected to sound.

Earphones can be used if they are bluetooth earphones. Given that you will be moving earphones connected directly to the device may not work out.

Services I provide

Ground Yourself Workshop (free)

This workshop brings you back into your body so you can reconnect with the energy, joy, and the wisdom your body holds! Many participants say they feel moved, calm, relaxed, energised and focused. You might even find a creative solution to a problem you’ve been working on

Move into Balance through the seasons

This is for you, if you have lots going on, but you know (or have a suspicion) that giving yourself some time and space to connect to your body and the natural world will help you regain motivation, creative flow, self-confidence and a sense of well-being and freedom.

 Over the year we will meet once a season (January, April, July and October). 

Each meeting will give you the opportunity to  connect joyfully and playfully with yourself, the season and the natural world and allow you to express your thoughts and share your insights in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental  group of creative and like-minded women.

Move into Balance (through the seasons) will relax and energize you (yes, both at the same time!), stir your imagination and new found patterns will bring gentle change and positivity to your everyday life.

Move into Balance 1:1

Working together to access your body’s wisdom and improve your creative energy flow.

In 5 focused sessions over six weeks, that combine movement meditations with movement analysis, we will uncover the root causes of blocked energy and find ways to reclaim it.