Our bodies hold wisdom. Our bodies are expressive. Our bodies are our foundations to help us navigate through the turbulences the world throws at us.

And yet society has developed us into beings who believe that only our minds hold wisdom and knowledge. The result is that we listen to our minds and override whatever our bodies are saying. And we often have even entirely forgotten how to listen to our body. This is leading to more and more of us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Our minds churn throughout the day non-stop (and often at night too, keeping you from sleeping). Our poor mind is running on overdrive, as it tries to control and deal with everything. The body’s suggestions and voice goes unheard…until….

Those aches and pains…. yep that’s your body talking. By ignoring what your body is saying, your body is forced to shout louder and louder. Your mind gets frustrated because there is so much to do and your body appears to just not be keeping up — this is a common state of affairs.

Our body and mind are in a toxic relationship cycle with one another and there is a evident power struggle which is dominated by our minds. The result is that our body and mind are driven further and further apart and the frustration mounts.

Our mind and bodies are meant to work as a team — communicating with one another, listening to one another, trusting one another.

Hearing and accessing what our body is saying is different from hearing our mind, but the first step to solving the body-mind disconnect is to give our body some space and time to be heard.

Just imagine how it would feel to have your body and mind working together, if that overwhelm or those aches and pains weren’t around. The mind and body being supportive of one another — how much more energy, creativity could be had?! And maybe also a lot more sleep?

So today allow yourself to resolve the issue and get your body and mind to work together again. Think of your body and mind as siblings that have been quarrelling and don’t want to listen to one another.

Step 1. Ask your mind — how are you?

Step 2. Ask your body — how are you?

Step 3. What kind thing can you do for your body? Do it.

Step 4. What kind thing can you do for your mind? Do it.

Give both some kind attention, reset the relationship and then let them together explore the rest of the day with playful curiosity TOGETHER — listening to each other, without disagreement.

If you feel you need some help re-establishing and rebalancing your relationship with your body join my next Ground yourself Workshop here